Immigration legal services

Find the legal service that you need to fix your legal status in the United States without leaving the country.

Let our team of qualified lawyers apply what we call “Effective Empathy” to plan the best strategy for your situation.

Our team will be close to you to help you in your legal needs.

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Our team of lawyers for VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) Immigration cases, is here to provide you with the support and legal advice you need to break the chains of abuse and secure your immigration status in this country. DYAD combines empathy with effectiveness to be uniquely successful for clients.

Visa Estados Unidos - VAWA
Abogados Inmigración - Green Card


Our legal team has extensive experience in the legal process of naturalization and US citizenship. We are committed to providing you with personalized advice every step of the way. DYAD is the firm that combines deep empathy with passionate effectiveness to open the way to your future in America.


Are you looking to work in the United States?
We pride ourselves on providing effective, personalized legal solutions to qualified and talented professionals like you.

Permiso Laboral - Inmigración
Visa T - Abogados en Inmigración - En Español


We offer necessary legal support to victims of human trafficking and help with obtaining a T Visa to restore their freedom and safety in the United States.


The U Visa is an option for those who have been victims of serious crimes in the United States and who are seeking to obtain the legal protection necessary to build a secure future in this country.

Abogados en inmigración en español - Visa U
Abogados en Inmigración Familiar

Family VISA

We understand the deep desire to be with your loved ones in the United States. Allow our team of lawyers in Family Immigration in the United States to help you build a future with your family in the country.

DACA Renewal

If you are a current DACA recipient and your status is about to expire, our legal team will evaluate your eligibility for DACA renewal and ensure that you meet all necessary requirements.

Renovación DACA
Visa por Inversión en Estados Unidos

Investment VISA

The DYAD legal team has deep knowledge of the Investment Immigration program and will provide you with the necessary advice to ensure your success on this exciting path.

Artists and Talents

We provide you with personalized and empathetic advice at each stage of your immigration process as an artist and talent in the United States.

Visa para Talentos y Artistas - Abogados en Inmigración

Effective Empathy

Your story, your experiences, your feelings matter. They impact how you are seen and recognized by US law. That’s why all our attorneys and staff practice what we call Effective Empathy. By listening with our hearts, as well as our expert legal mind, we can apply the right strategies for your unique case to open doors even when others can’t.

Define Your American Dream

At DYAD, our team works passionately to provide legal advice, helping families, businesses and individuals define their American dream.

Shannon Englert.